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Updates coming soon


Mechanics ~ UI changes and whatnot

-          Update in-game auto-broadcasting messages by adding hover and click support

-          Revamp the in-game /rules command by adding hover and click support

-          Decrease view-distance on holograms and misc items to reduce lag

Worlds ~ map changes and dungeons

-          New PvE and PvP zones will be completed and setup

-          Modify ore spawn rates where diamond will be more rare and gold we be more common

-          Haven castle will be rolled back then updated, and setup again

-          UpperBlackForest will be rolled back then updated, and setup again

-          Remove the old tutorial dungeon at spawn

-          Lootchests will be setup

-          Replace magic spells room with a /magic command which will open a GUI menu where you can easily manipulate your currently selected spells

-          Finalize new dungeon plugin to make dungeons more interactive and interesting

-          Revamps and/or enhancements to most if not all bosses to make them more engaging, fun and exciting

Economy ~ changes to professions and eco stuff

-          Revamp professions and missions to make them more interactive and interesting

-          Revise the rewards in packages and crates

-          Add global consecutive voting system which will ramp up your loot bonus the more you consecutively vote

           (100 votes = 1 random key and random money to everyone online)

Carbyne ~ changes to weapons and armor

-          Revamp ALL weapons and remove redundant weapons to add more variety

-          Revamp ALL armors and remove all but 5 sets which are the Mithril, Cursed, Verite, Flame and Prized sets

-          Add new carbyne effects that are custom, unique and interactive that can be applied to weapons and tools

Reset ~ Information regarding reset

-          Information regarding reset will be posted at a later date, and by the staff's discretion.

As usual, we appreciate everyone sticking by us, and we will not go down without a fight.

MuskyHunterFTW So when will server be back up?
[Owner] Young If you have any input, or have any suggestions for events we should add, or Carbyne Effects on armor, weapons and tools,...
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