Recently I have came back to the server and been alot more active, and while I was here I noticed one common issue throughout talking to the staff and players. New players have no idea how to play the server. So I had the idea to create a Medieval Lords mentorship program. Basically how this will work is that players who have been playing for a long time can apply to be coaches, either in the PvP or Towny department. Then when new players come to the server they can come to the discord and personally talk and ask questions to the best players on the server. These Mentors will also be able to help players start up by showing them the best places to grind and how to do it. Hopefully when advertising comes to the server and we get more new players this discord will offer them a place to get help and learn how to play the server.

tldr: made a discord where new players can learn how to play

Discord Link: