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Discussion about general topics.
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Chat about anything gaming related, no matter what platform!
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By Holy Jul 14, 17
Information, rules and guides for each Event can be found here
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PVP team's, PVP challenges, Discussions of ingame fights, this is where you discuss it!
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By FinnCraftFTW Jul 24, 17
If you have an issue ingame or need help with something in game this is where you need to post it. Posts will be answered by staff and if need be direct ingame assistance will be given.
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By ZReborn Dec 28, 15
A place to put problems in
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A place where staff will move your solved problems from problem thread.
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Official news and announcements.
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Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By Endure BlackouT Oct 10, 15
Report violations of the rules such as scamming, hacking, etc with your evidence.
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By sblank32 Jun 5, 17
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