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Module 1: Time of the Journeyman

Be sure to bring an extra layer as you and your friends steal away into the forbidden fortress of the Frigid Prison. Causing and thwarting it's chaos with brand new obstacles and bosses dropping brand new loot. Blast through its icey defenses and waves of formidable inmates with an all new weapon special Infernal Explosion. Or distract yourself from the new dungeon's deep horrors with a renovated town experience handing out daily quests ranging in difficulty and oddity for various rewards. Or earn a steady income with a profession of your choice from a humble farmer to a hardened miner and everything inbetween. The time has finally come.

Module 1 Features:

- Missions

- Professions

- New dungeon, The Shivering Prison.

- New special, The Infernal Explosion

All this and a lot more in Module 1: Time of the Journeyman. Hop on and test the new features!

pcenrd wow sick br0



  • A bunch of new races has been added such as the Summit, Pyramid, Jelly and miniRACE races. Sumo, hotfoot and free for all events are also added.
  • Event command rework.
  • Events can be joined by clicking chat messages.


  • Missions are now implemented, you can see your available missions using /mission.
  • Professions are also implemented, choose your profession and see your stats using /profession, you can also reset your profession every day, it resets your level and progression through, use /profession reset.


  • Shivering Prison is now opened, it contains all the new bosses. Example, The Warden and Banshee. This dungeon is pretty hard but contains good loot.
  • There’s a new special, Infernal Explosion, it shoots enemies away and applies strength 3 and resistance 3 for 10 seconds to the caster.


  • All the packages have been buffed, you have a better chance of getting more rare items.
  • Crates have been buffed, they give more items and better chance of giving more rare items. Obsidian crates now give 3 items, and Emerald crates now give 2 items.



  • The Conquerpoint bug is fixed, you can no longer teleport away from the point and still capture it. But you cannot teleport INTO a conquerpoint
  • You can no longer open your enderchest while in combat, nor use the auction house in combat.
  • Auctionhouse dupe/bug is patched. You can no longer sell items while in creative mode.

The trailer is finally done, you can watch it here: 

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