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Server Information
July 28th 3 PM EST
Server IP:
Server IP:
Server Discord: Invitation

Staff Contact Email address:

When contacting Staff please ensure you 
get the right email address!



Staff Applications:

[Admin] cannibalkiller11
cannibalkiller11 @ Medieval Lords
posted Jun 2, 17

Regarding questions focused on the topic of staff recruitment; The server administration is currently in the process of revising the staff recruitment process. Quality staff members are required to operate the server on release. The application has prerequisites: Persons who apply should be able to communicate through the teamspeak 3 application with a mic, and communicate through the slack application. The server administration looks forward to reading through the applications and have high expectations of applicants. The application process will be made public in the near future.

iriku89 i would like to apply for a builder or a moderator I'm pretty good with servers especially this one because I used ...
gekxs I'm Looking Forward To This! <3
myipodtouchedme Why can't we all just join a single skype call? Nothing ever goes wrong with those!

   We realized when we first decided to bring Medieval Lords back we realized would have to upgrade our host, but we had hoped we could hold off a bit longer. Sadly we could not. We have moved to a new host with better overall hardware and an extremely strong DDoS protection system, however it will take some more time until the move is finalized.

   We also have had to update a few plugins that were far out of date such as the
towny plugin(4+ years out of date) and since it was so far out of date, the towns
were unable to be transferred.

   There will be compensation for the downtime and the town wipes that every member will receive, you can read up on those below.

We also are preparing a few new additions in the upcoming days and the weeks after rerelease.

Compensation [These perks apply for 1 week after SOTW]:

  • 1 week accessibility to /tgm
  • $35,000 in-game cash

Planned Updates:

  • Larger Towny World
  • Release of balanced Carbyne Gear
  • New and improved Economy
  • Safe Player to Player Trading
  • Admin Shop
  • PvP Party System
  • Duel Arena
  • New Bosses
  • New Dungeons
  • Map Updates

Change Logs:


     - Successfully setup the new Dedicated server, and are able to operate our services on it smoothly.

     - Uploaded 35K by 35K (95.2GB) map.


     - Server transfer almost complete, and the server will be up very soon. No ETA.


     - Crehop has had some free time lately, as he is very busy with his irl job and life, and has decided to help with plugin development, and everything as a whole. You'll be seeing him a lot more in the coming weeks.

     - Some updates have been made to haven, please note it is not finished, but we have plans to revitalize all the current pvp zones, and ofc, add new, updated ones from very very good builders.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of development, and when it is ready a release date.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by downtime and any work you may have lost, however it is necessary in order to bring Medieval Lords to the level that we would like for the future.

Thank you for sticking with us,

Medieval Lords Staff

[Builder] Creith IF anyone have any suggestions on interior send them to me.
Scouter_ Quick question but did crehop just bounce or something or are there like 2 owners now?
GotNothinOnMe Darn that's a shame. I am glad there will be compensation, that makes me feel a bit better about how much time i sp...
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